​​​​​​Our Mission:

     Global Warming is a worldwide problem that must be solved in the near future in order to sustain life on this planet. Fossil fuels are polluting the earth.  We have to take better care of our planet. We should be using clean energy to power all of our transportation and energy devices.

    At Vega Energy Systems, a start-up corporation, our mission is to effectively seek solutions to end global warming and future fossil fuel shortage catastrophes; through the use of our clean energy products and our graphene electrodes for clean energy devices. 

Our Product:

     Our product responds to the life-threatening reality of global warming and the fossil fuel shortages of the future with the best solution.  Our CNT electrodes increase the efficiency of products such as fuel cells, lithium ion batteries and solar panels by approximately 500%.

Vega's patent number is 9236958. The best thing about our technology is that you can not improve on carbon nanotube technology it is down to the atom size level and it is the most resilient material on the earth.  It is even stronger than diamonds. Also the Electrode design has a patented metallica edge which is used as a current collector, it cannot be matched in power output performance.  

Research and Development:

     Vega has a patent on their technology for their graphene electrodes.  We have a more efficient design than the competitors in the market.  We plan on doing our research and development here in California. We also plan on doing 50% of our production for of our product here in the U.S.A.

Joining Our Venture:

     We are building a team of experts at Vega, as well as looking for business partners and financing.  We are also seeking strategic alliance partners in the energy business that can improve our connections and sales in the energy business.  If you are interested in entering a beneficial and global-impacting investment, you can receive an executive summary from Vega Energy Systems,  on the above contact us page, or contact t.w.unger@vegaenergysystems.com

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Vega Energy Systems

a clean Energy Corporation

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