Let's solve this air pollution problem !!

Vega Energy Systems was founded in January of 2007 in Santa Cruz, California.  Our goal is to help clean energy technology move forward; so we researched clean energy for a few years and then decided to improve electrode technology with his newly gained nano technology experience. Then we filed for a patent on our technology in October of 2010.  That is how Vega Energy came about.

We are currently seeking professional environmentalist, scientist, and partners.  

Vega Energy Systems

a clean Energy Corporation

Vega Energy Systems electrodes are designed with state of the art technology.  We are using graphene technology on our patented electrodes.
We are estimating a 500% increase in efficiency- that is fantastic, that means a battery that currently lasts for 100 miles of driving could last 600 miles with our improved electrode technology.

The lithium ion battery market is very large, billions of dollar in profits per year; and it is growing fast. We plan on capturing 20% of that market. (The high end customers) The automobile market, the laptop and the cell phone market will be our best customers.

We are looking for strategic alliance partners, and we are also considering selling patent rights to clean energy corporations.

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